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I go by the name of Nadja, a girl who is full of life. I am 19 years old but looking more mature than my age, a guarantee to offer excellent services. I have seductive brown eyes and long thick hair. My body is irresistible with a height of 170 cm, tan skin and 30c busty. Am open for a variety of experiences, am extraversion- making the client enjoy the whole time without anyone being bored. What brings joy to me is knowing that the services are satisfying to the client. I’m interested in all ways, am passionate to fashion, love classy cars. Nights are days for me. Having fun at night and dressing classy is my weakness. Currently, am studying history at the university.

Am located in London. Every city has its unique vibe that attracts visitors. London has many factors that indeed give it that vibe of a town. Visitors prefer visiting Tower Bridge Exhibition. Once you are there, you can walk through the street especially at night, through the river of Themes which has been providing water to the city for centuries.

There are so many attractions for people who love history, me being one of them. Westminster Abbey, Southwark Cathedral, and Trafalgar Square the famous historical sites. Pardon me for being so “old”, but what do you expect from a history student? Far from history, I have other places where I take my clients. Trailer Happiness, we always have an unforgettable time here. They have the best bartenders, and their services are incredible. Have you ever heard about the best cocktails in London? Trailer Happiness Lounge is the place to find it. My clients find it fun when they perform the fire show- blowing the alcohol to the ceiling and setting it aflame while everybody is cheering. I find it relaxing when the party starts with the DJ playing the soothing and romantic song in the early evenings, then turning it to a dance party later. Am sure you wouldn’t want to miss this when you are with me.

Kensington Roof Gardens. You don’t want to miss this place. It’s a cool bar, where my client who needs company and to relax, get the best of it. We watch models showcase their latest designer dresses and blazer-cad gents, and you will feel as though you’ve become a socialite overnight. They also provide a swanky oasis for the cigarette break and a place for midnight chat.

The above are the places I have always had great dates with my clients, and all of them end up coming back for more.

As a petite, I value discretion and privacy a lot. Clients need a private place for the services that is why I have an apartment in Earls Court. It's In an inserted location. Websites visitor always checks my pictures, and most of them are recent. I’m still happy to offer the best of my services to the clients, and it’s okay because I never lose clients. Am waiting to meet my next client, have new chats end live to the fullest. May this reach him wherever he is, that am hoping we will both enjoy ourselves.

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Everyone has his or her taste. My target clients are young men. Why? It's because as an energetic girl, I need the same kind of energy for us to get along well. The places I have been with my clients are young men's favorite. We will both have the power to dance for a long time without getting tired quickly. I love men who are well behaved. You are my client, and you want the best service, let me take over like a lady and give you the best. I dislike men who always thirst for more than want was on the agreement. Hygiene is another factor I consider my clients to maintain. Hygienic clients move me and make me give my all. I will not be embarrassed about going out with you. Looking at my profile, you will see you don’t have to shame me this am a real snack.

Brunette Nadja Nadja on beach
Nadja in classy lingerie Petite Nadja

About Nadja

  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Hair color: Brown.
  • Implants: No.
  • Age: 19.
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
  • Nationality: German
  • Turn on's: Class and self-assurance.
  • Turn off's: Bad manners. Poor hygene.
  • Smoker: No.
  • Tattoes, piercings: None.
  • Travel destinations: London, Birmingham, Berlin, Paris.
  • Favorite drink: Chauteauneuf-Du-Pape.
  • Favorite food: Steak.
  • Favorite fragrance: So Pretty, by Cartier.
  • Things I like: fashion, classy cars, night life

Booking a date with me

Bargaining is out of the question. I offer the best services and if you really need the best, then why bargain. I will motivate me to work with you. Why I prefer younger men, is because they value time. Respect the time on the contract, and I will always respect your time as my client. I would not want to a client to consume another client’s time, meaning I will be losing my clients and that won’t make us have the moment we were all expecting. Time waits for no man they say. If you, as client got caught up in the businesses and you consider cancellation, I would prefer the client to notify me in advance. It’s a busy world and no time to waste.

It will always be better for clients to book for appointments in advance and make the payments as agreed. I request you to pay me for only the services I offer and nothing else. Anything beyond what you spend will be an agreement between us. I’ve talked a lot without even notifying you of my services. I offer any massage, escort services, dinner dates, social events and weekend dates. Are you now wondering how one person can be doing all of these? Liked I said before, am an interesting girl. Am always available during the weekends. That the perfect time, clients need brunettes and I am available.

Calling time prices are, at the apartment is 200GBP/hours and outcalls at 250GBP/hours. I also offer extended weekend dates from 2000GBP/hours. For any booking, call two hours earlier. Clients should also email the essential details of their place, names, outcalls, the duration time of the meeting and the contact information. It’s better for the client to outline the services they need so that we can both have a good time.

Contact me

The replies to the client emails are made a few minutes to notify if am available. If you don’t want to be disappointed- of which I would not like too, set a date with me at the time were available. If you are looking for a classy companion for a social event or good mate, then you now know Nadja is the girl to call.

My email adress - Working 24/7 and I will get back to you as soon as I can.